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Garage Door Tracks

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A good garage door service is a garage door company/contractor who can do every garage door service that a garage door may need. This is our garage door company at Garage Door Repair in Missouri City. Our garage door company can do it all. There is no job to big or too small for our garage door contractors. One of the most important services that we offer is with garage door cables & tracks. Everything has a part that if that part breaks down then it will stop working. You need to think of your cables & tracks as a person’s heart. If a person’s heart stops working then they are dead. The cables & tracks are the heart of the garage door. It must be kept well maintained and working good so that your garage door will operate correctly. Some things that may go wrong are:Garage Door Tracks

* cable snapped

* cable loose

* cable came off the drum

* cable broken

* replace garage track

* repair bent garage door track

Torsion garage door springs and extension garage door springs are both garage door springs that we at our Garage Door Repair in Missouri City can install or replace for you. Garage door springs last about 10,000 cycles before they will break. They are hung in a pair but if one breaks both will need to be replaced. You can choose galvanized garage door springs also. These springs are risky to be messed with by anyone short of an expert. Here is more information on the springs:

* Torsion garage door springs- These are for heavy garage doors and come in two sets of two.

* Extension garage door springs- These are for light garage doors and come in one set of two.

* Galvanized garage door springs-These can be torsion or extension and are bonded strong through a metallic reaction combining zinc and iron

Garage door openers are a life saver. Well at least a back saver. Garage doors are heavy. With an opener you will only have to hit a switch to open or close the garage door. Does you garage door have a belt drive, a screw drive or a chain drive?

* Chain Drive- This is the most common drive. It is quite noisy. But the least expensive.

* Screw Drive- This is the next up. It is a little less noisy and a little more expensive

* Belt Drive- The belt drive is very quiet but is more costly then the other two.

Well we have an opener that will work with your drive no matter what it is. We carry the best in openers like these models:  Sears, Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Marantec. Because these openers are heavy you will need us at our Garage Door Repair in Missouri City to install them for you.

When you have us install an opener consider getting a garage door remote also. We carry The Clicker, the Genie Intellicode, the Multi Code and the Liftmaster Security. Of course there are many styles and sizes to choose from. These can be as small as a key chain or hand held size.

Garage door maintenance/adjustments are things like tightening the screws so that they do not come lose and cause major repairs or regularly maintenance lubrication. These can be done by a homeowner or if they do not have time they can call our garage door company in Missouri City to do it. This is also called a preventative service because we can make sure all of your parts are having no problems and repair the ones that are before they get out of hand.

Garage Door Replacement/installation is a great service we offer. We like making a homeowners home more stylish by installing a stylish garage door. We have a lot of styles of wooden garage doors for the traditional look. We have steel garage doors and aluminum garage doors for the modern look. And we have well known Craftsman garage doors. Call our Garage Door Repair in Missouri City to install a garage door or replace garage door windows. Ask about our glass garage doors. These must be installed by us. If you try and break the glass then you are out all of that money.

Wide range of garage door services

There are issues listed below that may come up and make you need garage door repairs. These are things that will happen over time and age of the garage door. Remember we are well trained in all areas of garage door repairs. We can do the repairs on one garage or ten. Just give us a call at our Garage Door Repair in Missouri City and we will be out ASAP to help you out.

* door off track

* broken emergency release

* replace section of garage door

* weather strip

* bottom garage door rubber

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