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Before buying a garage door there are several things to consider. Here’s a list of common questions and answers that help you buy the right one.

  • Are there standard sizes for garage doors?

    Yes there are, and they normally start at eight inches running all the way to twenty inches. The increments are one foot each but the standard height is either seven inches or eight inches depending on the frame. It is possible for us to install customized garage doors that are outside the norm.

  • Why should I construct garages at the side of the house?

    It's always better to construct the garage in a spot that it can be seen from the street for obvious security reasons. If they are constructed at the back of the house, you will run the risk of bumping in someone hidden in the bushes while you are opening the garage door. It's basically important for security purposes only.

  • Why do homeowners prefer steel garage door over others?

    One of the most preferred types of doors is the steel garage one. These models are known for strength, and for providing more security than any such as aluminum, fiberglass or wood. The steel door comes in several designs and style options. It can range from the standard raised panel to the one of a kind carriage style door designs. These days, the steel door types have been designed to rival the appearance of their wooden counterparts minus the necessity of regular maintenance or garage door repair that genuine wooden doors need.

  • Is it hard to paint the garage door alone?

    If you are a handyman and have painted your home walls before, it would be a piece of cake. You will just need to clean it well first and Garage Door Repair Missouri City would recommend checking the panel for signs of rust or mold. It is wise to do garage door repair, too, prior to painting and cover the garage door tracks. Choose a high quality powder coat for better results.

  • What garage door material is the best for me?

    The best garage door material that is best for you is the one that suits the overall structure of your home. Garage doors vary from woods, glass, and metals. Glass garage doors are good for homes that are located along coastal areas due to being a low conductor. It suits to the type of environment in a coastal area which has high on salt on air.

  • How do I maintain the beauty of my wooden garage door?

    If you have a wooden garage door, it is best to do a re-paint at least once a year so that its natural splendor is maintained. The experts at Garage Door Repair Missouri City also recommend checking on the door spare parts that need cleaning, lubrication or replacement because they are also prone to the usual wear and tear.

Garage Door Repair Missouri City

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