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Pointers About Garage Doors and Openers

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Pointers About Garage Doors and Openers

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Browse our tips section for helpful pointers when it comes to looking after and maintaining your garage door system. With our advice, you should be able to keep your door well maintained and protect your family from accidents. Just scroll down to read more!

Listen to what your garage door has to say

A good method to prevent irreparable damage to your garage door is to predict issues and prevent them. Every time while using it, try to listen to the operation and movement of all components. Does anything sound out of place? Do you hear a squeaking or grinding sound? Is something amiss with the rollers? If there is any major issue, your garage door will communicate it with you through sound. Detect and fix them early to enjoy a proper door for more than a decade.

Don’t try to race the garage door

A fad mostly among kids, trying to race the door and entering the garage before it shuts fully must be avoided at all times. Although most garage doors have sensors that automatically reverse the door action, this is still not recommended. Apart from being dangerous, an obstruction can also damage the door.

Always keep the garage door closed

Some people have a tendency to keep the garage door open in the morning over the weekend to “let the room breathe”. Instead of what it is intended for, such actions can have a negative impact on your garage, and also spoils the purpose of insulation. When not in use, it is always best to keep the door shut.

Keep a log of how old your garage door parts components are

When you invest in a garage door, make sure to write down the date of purchase as well as the dates of any parts that are being replaced. Knowing how old your garage doors components are, as well as a rough idea of their expiry date, will help you to plan and ahead and will likely assist technicians in the future.

Replace old garage door springs

Garage door springs are crucial to the proper functioning of your garage door. They can also cause injury and damage if not functioning properly due to damage or wear and tear. If your springs are considerably worn, need the tension adjusted or already snapped, call a professional immediately.

Check the opener sensors

If the garage door opens with the use of the remote control but doesn't close, this problem could be related to the opener's safety sensors. It's possible that the they have become out of alignment or that dirt is interfering with their functionality. Give them a clean and if this doesn't work, contact a professional.


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